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Before Surgery

Dr. Blem can treat several retinal conditions in the office, however, some conditions need to be treated in the operating room.

Dr. Blem operates in The Oil Center Surgical Plaza (OCSP) at 1000 W. Pinhook, Suite 200, Lafayette, LA 70503.

Dr. Blem's staff will share your contact information and insurance policy with the surgical facility on your behalf.

A preoperative nurse will call you prior to surgery to gather pertinent information regarding your medical history, your current medications and any other relevant information necessary for your care. The nurse will make sure all preoperative testing is completed, tell you what you need to know before surgery and answer any questions you may have.

Please note that Dr. Blem's office does not determine the time of your surgery. The staff at OCSP will contact you the day before your surgery regarding your arrival time. Your arrival time will be a minimum of two hours before your surgery time. Should you have any questions regarding your surgery arrival time, please contact the surgical prep desk of OCSP at 337-289-8236. Someone will be available to answer this line at 6:00 AM Monday through Friday.

You will be required to have a driver upon discharge from the facility. You can not be discharged to a cab service nor can you drive your self home. This is for your safety.

If you should have any questions regarding your surgery including the arrival time or any fees required from you prior to surgery, you should contact The Oil Center Surgical Plaza at 337-289-8236 or Dr. Blem's office at 337-264-1011.

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