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Follow Up Visits

If you are coming in for a follow-up appointment, your office visit will usually be briefer than your initial visit but can last a couple of hours depending on the complexity of your condition and the testing and treatment needed.

On each visit, we will perform a vision test and a measurement of the intraocular pressure, usually followed by repeat dilation of the eyes. After a wait to allow your pupils to dilate adequately, Dr. Blem will examine you.

Sometimes you may require additional testing or a medical or surgical procedure and it is often possible to perform these during the same visit.

We always suggest that you bring someone to drive you home since your eyes will remain dilated for several hours. Sunglasses may help reduce glare; if you need some, please ask at the front desk before you leave.

For patients that have diagnoses that require frequent planned or more routine follow up visits Dr. Blem may have you see Jaqueline Judice, Louisiana Retina Center's experienced Retinal Nurse Practitioner, for some of your visits. This is meant to expedite your appointment time when you have a simpler issue or if frequent follow up for routine testing as part of a long term treatment plan is necessary. These visits typically last more in the range of a half an hour from check in to check out and dilation is often not necessary.

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